What’s Needed

You don’t have to be a teacher or have any special qualifications to become a volunteer tutor for Literacy London. Our Tutor Training Workshops will equip you with the skills you need to begin teaching, and our network of established tutors are there to share their knowledge and experience with you. We work collaboratively to help each other help our students.

What you bring

  • Patience
  • Willingness to learn
  • Strong people skills
  • Reliability

What we need

  • Strong basic skills in reading, writing and/or math
  • Three hours per week for tutoring sessions
  • A one year commitment (preferred)

What you will do

  • Complete tutor training workshop(s)
  • Tutor one student once per week for three hours (subjects may include reading, writing or computer skills and math skills)
  • Prepare teaching material appropriate to your student’s ability and goals
  • Meet regularly with Literacy London staff to discuss your student’s progress
  • Complete a weekly tutor log

For more information, contact us.


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