Behind the logo

ll_headerHow do you like our logo and slogan that appear on the banner of this web site?  You’ll see them on our letterhead, on posters, on our brochures and on just about anything else we can think of putting them on. The orange box, a transitional colour, makes us think of the optimism with which our students look to their future. The figure embedded in the orange block is happily in motion, springing toward the accomplishment of goals — a better life! Look hard and you’ll see the image is also that of an open book and an open laptop computer.  And our slogan, “uplifting lives”,  is what improved literacy does.  Improved literacy can transform lives for the better, lifting them up from isolation, frustration, and not enough options.   “Uplifting Lives” is what we hope to continue to do with the help of all our supporters, our volunteers, and most importantly, the hard work and dedication of our students.

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