Working Together

Working Together

Stay a while and take a look around! All the information you need to know about our grassroots, non-profit organization, including our programs and how to volunteer or support us is at your finger tips. We’re neighbours helping neighbours to become fulfilled, engaged citizens of the London community through one-on-one literacy and numeracy training.

Though Canada is among the most prosperous countries in the world, low adult literacy is a problem in our country. Adult Canadians who have low literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed, unhealthy, use substances or be involved in crime.

The quotes from our students, displayed on many pages of this site, are testaments to the difference literacy training can make in a person’s life.

Support Us

Literacy London couldn’t run without the dedication of our volunteers and the financial support of the London community. We’re always looking for people to volunteer and support us in helping London residents achieve their personal and career goals.

By clicking on the blue Canada Helps button above the menu on the left, you can make a secure online donation quickly and easily.

Behind the logo

ll_headerHow do you like our logo and slogan that appear on the banner of this web site?  You’ll see them on our letterhead, on posters, on our brochures and on just about anything else we can think of putting them on. The orange box, a transitional colour, makes us think of the optimism with which our students look to their future. The figure embedded in the orange block is happily in motion, springing toward the accomplishment of goals — a better life! Look hard and you’ll see the image is also that of an open book and an open laptop computer.  And our slogan, “uplifting lives”,  is what improved literacy does.  Improved literacy can transform lives for the better, lifting them up from isolation, frustration, and not enough options.   ”Uplifting Lives” is what we hope to continue to do with the help of all our supporters, our volunteers, and most importantly, the hard work and dedication of our students.


The 1st Annual Literacy London Adult Spelling Bee was a great success!  On behalf of the learners, volunteer tutors, staff and Board of Directors, I extend my sincere thanks to all who supported us in making the evening such a joyous event.   The ballroom at Goodwill was literacy “buzzing” with excitement.   The laughter, conversation, and overall sense of fun filled the room with warmth and light on a cold, dark and rainy fall evening.   We, here at Literacy London, are honoured to have each of you in our lives.  You made it all possible!

A very special thank you goes to Nick Paparella, Bill Brady, Murray Faulkner, Gary Ennett and Becky Howse for your hard work during the event itself.   The words were difficult, indeed, and judging the entries was a serious gig.  And, Nick, you always bring a sense of joy and fun to any gathering.   We are thrilled that each of you has agreed to continue in your roles as ambassadors for Literacy London.

Funds raised from the Spelling Bee will be used to help pay for student learning supplies, tutor training sessions and technology support for Literacy London’s programs.  With your ongoing support, we are hopeful that Literacy London will be able to continue to serve those in our community who are committed to moving forward in their lives.   We thank you again for your kindness.

Irene Wilmot
Executive Director


Uplifting Lives Celebration

On October 8, 2013, the community joined us in celebrating the accomplishments of the learners in the Literacy London program.   It was a truly an “uplifting” evening and reminded all of us of the power of literacy to change lives.  The four learners, who shared their journeys, including challenges and triumphs, impressed all of us with their determination.   Thank you, Wanda, Maggie, Ed and Wendy for your honesty and courage.

The beautiful music was provided by harpist, Jennifer White and percussionist, Robert McMaster.  The food, supplied by Joe and Edgar’s Café of Goodwill Industries, was delicious and the raffle draws were very exciting.   Thank you to all who contributed the prizes.

Nick Paparella hosted the evening and Bill Brady and Murray Faulkner each spoke about why literacy was an important issue in their lives.   The volunteers who helped put the evening together included learners, volunteer tutors and friends of Literacy London.  Thank you to all who contributed, attended and made the evening possible.  Your support continues to Uplift Lives!